HyperBaric PET Oxygen Chamber 1.4 ATA


HyperBaric PET Oxygen Chamber 1.4 ATA

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One of the best hard type hyperbaric chambers for Pets. This hard type hyperbaric chamber is designed for durability, comfort and ease of entry and exit or your pet.

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Our PET Hard chamber is a sure fit for all sizes with advanced features that provides 1.4 ATA or 45 KPA maximum pressure. Our patented Air/Oxygen /Cooling system provides an all in one solution with comfort in mind.

This hyperbaric chamber is highly versatile and allows treatment at up to 1.4 ATA  pressure. The combination of our chamber and specially selected equipment allows breathing at up to 95% oxygen levels and internal oxygen levels.

Our hardshell hyperbaric chamber mitigates a number of the negatives associated with their use in private practice. There is no need for costly installation, and our chamber itself is quite compact – perfect for practices already short on space. The chamber is simple to operate and has very low running costs, the only consumable being electricity.

Free Inclusions
We understand our customers. Medical equipment needs to work from day 1, which is why we include everything required to operate the chamber smoothly, ensuring a positive experience for your PET.
– All in one machine (10 Liter/minute Oxygen generator and an air cooler).
– Latched entry with large viewing area.
– User controlled pressure relief valve
– High Quality external pressure gauge
– Dual pressure release valves balance pressure at 1.4 ATA
– Oxygen generator produces 96% oxygen

Optimal air temperature
In a confined space the temperature rises rapidly and treatment quickly becomes uncomfortable for the patient. The inclusion of an air conditioning unit allows you to maintain a constant temperature inside the chamber.

Operational Costs
There are no consumables required to operate the hyperbaric chamber, only the electricity to run the air compressor/oxygen concentrator/air cooler (single machine). Per hour cost for electricity is roughly 39 cents per hour.
The machine is easy to service and maintain. We recommend annual calibration and preventative maintenance be performed to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the chamber.

We take pride in our product quality and all hyperbaric chambers come with our standard 12-month materials and workmanship warranty.

Specifications of Chamber:

Pressure:  1.4ATA
Size:  110*76*76cm or (43″ Long x 30″ Diameter)
Weight: 120kg
Material:  Aluminium, Acrylic
All-in-one machine:
Oxygen flow : 10L
Oxygen purity: 100%
Size:  96*48*46cm
Power: 1200W




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Who are we?

Our Mission is providing the highest quality Hyperbaric Chambers available. Our Hyperbaric Chambers are tested for 5 years at three times the normal pressure for durability.
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