Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Ground Pad and Blanket


Hyperbaric Oxygen Machine Grounding / Earthing System.

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1. Hyperbaric Chamber ground connection port. (System requires a blank port of chamber).
2. Silver infused Queen size fabric Size: 70 CM X 200 CM.
3. Rubber mat can alternately be utilized internally or externally to the chamber and measures 35 inches by 23.5 inches.

The Rubber mat is included for those customers who want the ease of disinfection of the chamber and can be wiped down with 70% disinfectant after every session.

Plug the white wire into the 3rd outlet ground connection to establish your ground connection.

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No Option, Add Blue Tubing

Who are we?

Our Mission is providing the highest quality Hyperbaric Chambers available. Our Hyperbaric Chambers are tested for 5 years at three times the normal pressure for durability.
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