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The CellSonic Therapy
Electro-Hydraulic Focussed Shockwave Machine

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VIPP Therapy System



Feature Benefit
Quick Start It’s as easy as connecting the shock head, switching the system on, and selecting the energy and the number of shocks and the machine its ready to use.
Soft Start The CellSonic machine can be set to start at a low energy tolerable to the patient and automatically rise to higher energy levels as the analgesic effect numbs the nerves thus improving the treatment by avoiding anesthetics which are known to reduce the effect of shockwaves on soft cells.
Auto Max The electrode tips in the shock head last longer on low energy. To get the maximum number of shocks from a shock head the computer in the CellSonic machine calculates the number of shocks at each setting which results in more shocks being delivered by each head to save money.
Volt Lock The CellSonic machine automatically adjusts to the mains power supply anywhere in the world and ensures that the output voltage is constant.
Steady Bang A problem with earlier generations of lithotripters was wild fluctuations in output power and most users agreed that only the strong shocks were effective with the result that most shocks were a waste of time and money. CellSonic’s modern design achieves constant output by controlling the input voltage with Volt Lock and using high-quality British made capacitors.
True Shock It is the rise time of the pressure wave that is most important in a shockwave machine. CellSonic uses the fastest method known to science by flashing a very high voltage across electrode tips and controls the switching with a British made spark gap. This is the only means by which a true shockwave can be produced and results in fewer shocks, fewer treatments, and quicker treating than any other method.
Foot Switch More important to an equine vet treating an unpredictable horse is the CellSonic footswitch allowing the vet to jump back to safety. The machine immediately stops, everything is safe and no shocks are wasted.
Wheels and Handles Allow For Portability Take the CellSonic machine anywhere, wheel it, and lift it. It can be laid on its side and carried in the back of a car. Take the treatment to the patient.


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Every Practitioner Should Have One!

The Cellsonic system for animals bears a lot of resemblance to machines used on humans with important differences.  What is hurting the animal? Our experience goes long back when the idea of a machine doing a better job than drugs and a scalpel was ridiculed. The acceptance since then comes from seeing no side effects, a great cost-saving, and better treating. A machine for vets has to be rugged. Animals may be unpredictable. Attention is on the animal, not the machine so its controls must be instinctive. If the operator jumps back, the machine must stop on its own. CellSonic Vet is built for the stables, the yard, an environment far removed from the hygiene of a hospital, and yet it delivers the same tissue improving pulses. Bone and skin are made to grow. Nerves re-form. Infection is killed without anti-biotics. Lameness in a horse can be corrected. Injuries on a dog can be healed without disturbing their digestion with drugs. CellSonic’s clever secret is the rapid pulse. Over the years this has been made faster so that it kills germs better and triggers the formation of osteoblasts and fibroblasts. There are easier engineering methods to save production costs but they do not deliver treating so they are not used by CellSonic. By any calculation, CellSonic gives you the lowest cost to successful treatment. If you have an animal problem, not on the standard list, send us your question. What you know for sure is that the treatment is safe- we tried it on humans first.

The CellSonic VIPP machine is a new branch of veterinary medicine that kills infection and triggers tissue regeneration. The origins of the technology go back forty years to removing human kidney stones by shattering them with sound waves and this was the first-ever non-invasive surgery. Since then the technology has been developed with new applications discovered. Drugs are not used so there are no side effects. VIPP is Very Intense Pressure Pulses which are fast bangs made by flashing high voltages across an electrode in a reflector containing water in a shock head. Pressure wave travels through the body without harming healthy cells. With this Impossible wounds are healed. The infection is killed and the immune system triggered to cause new skin to grow.

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From the treating of broken bones and nonunion fractures came the physiotherapy applications and from that the ability to heal and remove the cause of pain. Treatment of muscles increases their strength and this applies to animals involved in sporting activities as well as the infirm. Interestingly, racehorses have been remedy of lameness and given the strength to win races. In every case, it can be shown that CellSonic gives the lowest cost of successful treatment and that is the only cost that matters. Many clinical papers are available. It is not CellSonic’s policy to pay for papers to be written; they are all from customers and unbiased.


[title text=”Portability”]

The complete device fits in a car boot. It can be ported anywhere easily

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There must be:

  • No side effects.
  • No risk to doctors and nurses.
  • No risk to the environment.

CellSonic VIPP meets all three requirements for all its applications. Contrast this with drugs; all have side effects and disposal can cause contamination. Anti-bacterial resistance is rising. Use CellSonic VIPP to kill infection instead of drugs. If an inexperienced CellSonic VIPP operator aims at healthy cells in the body instead of the target site, there is no harm done. If a patient is given the wrong dose of drugs it could be fatal.


The only cost that matters is the cost of successful treatment and in every application, with CellSonic VIPP it has the lowest cost. This is achieved by involving a doctor or nurse less than other methods. The patient is less disrupted and the hospital used less.


CellSonic VIPP has the quickest solution to successful treatment and often the only successful treatment. In many cases, CellSonic VIPP succeeds in two to three weeks. To cause the islets on the pancreas to generate insulin can take three months and is still the only remedy for diabetes. Non remit wounds are treated with CellSonic VIPP.. Large wounds that have been open for years are made to heal in a few weeks to a few months. CellSonic VIPP is the only remedy for gangrene.


It takes five minutes to learn how to use the CellSonic VIPP machine. The operator can be shown where to aim the shock head and the programming of the machine stops it when the required number of pulses has been delivered. The wide beam of the pulse makes it easy to aim at the target. If pulses are off target, they do no harm.


 We teach our customers and in turn, experienced users teach newcomers. 

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Who are we?

Our Mission is providing the highest quality Hyperbaric Chambers available. Our Hyperbaric Chambers are tested for 5 years at three times the normal pressure for durability.
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